We are Swiftair’s partner for airport handling


– We offer Warehouse Handling services with frontline airport facilities.


– Installations adapted to the needs of the customers with urgent goods and express handling, special handling and controlled temperature (P.I.F).


– Latest generation equipment to guarantee aviation safety. Dual View X-Ray Scanner, EDD Units, explosive detection dogs, etc.


– A highly qualified human team

Alaire meets the most demanding quality standards and safety certifications.

– Services


– Certifications

Intertransit is an IATA agent (International Federation of Air Cargo Agents)  for your air transport service.

We also have arrangements other than customs warehousing (DDA) in the central facilities, which means a fiscal and financial optimisation of all the foreign trade operations of our clients.

Obtaining and maintaining the ADT certificate accredits the recognition by the logistics and transport sector of the correct implementation of the Code of Good Practices, which implies:

    A commitment to excellence.

    A commitment to constant improvement.

    An active contribution to the economic and social development of the sector.

    Compliance with the Code of Good Practices (as a sector code of conduct).

ADT assumes its commitment to Quality and the Environment by establishing a declaration of principles based on the compliance with current regulations and the establishment of objectives to maintain and improve the levels of provision of contracted services, always in line with the principles of prevention and minimisation of the main environmental aspects generated in the development of its activities.

The AEO is a status which economic operators in the community can obtain and which means, in particular, that the European Union considers them to be trustworthy as regards to their professional activity in customs matters. This is an optional certification, although member states, through their Customs departments, are exerting some pressure on customs agents and large exporting or importing companies for the consolidation of this figure.

Alaire has the AEOA certificate Nº ESAEOF17000019M2

The figure of an Accredited Agent [RA] identifies the entity that applies security controls to the cargo in accordance with the requirements of Regulation [EU] No 2015/1998_ANNEX 6.3.2, whose functions are:

    Determine the security status to be assigned to a consignment.

    Apply security controls according to the defined status.

    Protect the consignment against acts of unlawful interference, when it is in the client`s custody, especially once classified as SPX air cargo.